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Multifunction Ombré Rope Leash - Sherbet 🍨


Sunrise Seashell
Dreamy Hibiscus
Pink Unicorn
Blue Hawaii

Our Multifunction Ombré Rope Leashes will add warmth and Aloha to any dog's wardrobe! FREE Shipping!


- Ombré Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Natural Colors

- Made with strong, 100% cotton rope and natural dye

- Rope is hand-spliced and ends are braided to add strength & durability

- Beautiful gold hardware with a matching gold Witty Tail charm and an accessory ring

- Rope is 3/5" thick and 6 feet in length

- The ring can be adjusted to any length (it slide down the rope)

- Double Hooks to facilitate the Multifunction leash configurations 

- Ships from Hawaii with Aloha!

Care Instructions:

- Hand wash only with mild soap and cold water

- Do not machine wash

- Gold hardware may fade and develop a patina over time

- We do not recommend rough play in these leashes or wearing them in saltwater and/or muddy areas 

 ** Rope Leashes are hand-dyed so there will be slight variations in color. The color can vary slightly from the color on your monitor screen

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
It’s pretty but…

I specifically ordered one with a natural cream in the colors to match a new harness. There are only two colors in the one I received-pink and blue. Disappointing.

Jennifer Slawson
LOVE the multifunctional ombre rope leash

When I ordered it, I didn’t realize it was anything more than a plain old rope leash because I didn’t read the description- I just thought it was pretty. What a pleasant surprise when I saw the “multifunctional” part! I love being able to clasp the leash around my waist when my hands are full and I love being able to shorten the leash when we are around a bunch of people. Will definitely order again when I decide I need one in a different color!

Jill Bowdon
Ombré leash

We received the sherbet but had ordered the pink ombré. Tried to contact company with no answer. Super cute but the website did not check us out with the one that we picked for our cart.

Iveth Hatch

Multifunction Ombré Rope Leash - Sherbet 🍨