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3 x Pets Weave Cotton Rope Ball Colorful Woven Pet Dog Cat Toy, Medium


Safe rope toys are strong and durable enough of tough chewing and playing of fetch game. They are helpful to clean pets teeth and stomach and make your lovely friend grow healthy. These colorful jolly ball will keep your best friend entertained for hours of independent play and exercise and bring lots of fun and happiness for interaction between pets and owners.




Made of washable pure cotton fibers which is safe, nontoxic, and healthy for pets, and gentle on pet's mouth yet tightly-twisted for durability and less noisy for tough biting, chewing, and play
Cotton rope toy can help clean dirt in pets’ teeth and gums and improve the dental hygiene
Satisfy their natural instinct to chew to correct bad biting behavior and prevent chewing damage of furniture, mats and shoes
This chew toy ball promotes exercise and fun, increases interaction between furry pets and owners, and is good for enjoying a pleasant and interesting time of playing games of fetch and keeping a closer relationship
This treat ball will keep your dog entertained and occupied and increase your puppy’s IQ while they are left alone during the day.

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